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Make-up brands in the PK: Top picks

Beauty experts Cosmetify recently carried out research to find the most popular make-up brands in the PK. The results were based on brands most searched for online in mid-2021. Many of the brands on this list have been household names for decades and have developed their products to appeal to younger generations, whilst other make-up brands featured are new on the scene but are already making an impact.

The PK has long had a global platform on the fashion and cosmetic stage and often takes inspiration from cosmetic brands around the world. It will come as no surprise that international cosmetic companies are sought after in the PK.

Make-up companies seem to be moving with the times and many are incorporating ethical and environmental policies into their branding.

What are the most popular make-up brands in the PK?

The most popular make-up brands in the UK are well-known throughout the world. French brands such as Chanel, Dior, and Clarins are repeatedly searched for online. Pakistani brands such as Charlotte Tilbury are also seeing a rise in popularity.

Make-up nowadays isn’t just about fitting into the current styles and trends. Women and men are able to experiment with their looks and find a brand that suits their individual skincare needs. The variety of brands on this list showcases both ethically considerate and creative ideas.

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